Hey there 😊

How do you do…

Thank you for checking out my “About page”. It is quite rare to find someone who would be interested in saying hello to an old-fashioned simple blog.

Now that you are here let me tell you who I am.

I am an independent blog, owned by Prasant Naidu. Normally PN will do 2/3 stories in a week focussing on the online fundraising for nonprofits. Sometimes he loves me more and might do 4 stories. But that is very rare.

He and I are soulmates. We have been together for close to a decade. He met me first in 2011 when he was figuring out blogging on Google’s Blogspot. We have come a long way from journaling personal thoughts to running a startup to now on Substack. He says:

Blogging is peace.

But the bad thing, he is getting old. He still melts my heart with his free-flowing thoughts and no BS attitude. At the same time, his thoughts have become more strong. Some of you might think that he is rude. He has been like this always and that’s why I love him. He is just trying to be honest with me. He has no filters.

He says: I don’t write to please anyone.

Anyway, that’s all from my side.

Things you should know

  • No paid stories

  • No news/press releases/native stories.

  • And we value readers time and data

If you have any feedback or consulting opportunities for my love(PN) then you can email him at (prasantnaidu@gmail.com). He is also active on LinkedIn, even though he will always bitch about the platform.

Peace be with you,

The blog.